Monster - Performance Solo

In my autobiographical solo performance “Monster” I examine the relationship between fear and self-empowerment, the use of one's own shadow, but also the feeling of being an outsider, isolation and “otherness” and the manifestation of these themes in the symbol of the “monster”. The monster is not only a symbol of our suppressed fears and impulses but also a figure of identification for everyone who falls outside the framework of what is socially regarded as "normal" and acceptable.

Can self-identification as a “monster” help to accept one's own outsider role? Or does it builds an insurmountable wall between me and the others? How deep can you go into the heart of your own darkness without losing yourself?  Duration: approx. 30 min.

Virtual Personalities - Performance (Schmitt&Schulz)

The stage performance Virtual Personalities is an international co-production by Schmitt & Schulz with actors from Mainz and artist colleagues from Portugal and Greece. With the help of elaborate rules of the game and a coarse red thread, the mechanisms and behaviors from social media platforms are transformed into analog space.  Duration: approx. 1 hour

Production pad, Schmitt&Schulz

About Life - Performance (Schmitt&Schulz)

What is life actually about? What is important? How should one live, how not? What do you want to achieve? What should life offer you?

When we have reached the middle of our lives, my colleague Peter Schulz takes stock and puts our own lives to the test.

A double solo performance evening about memories, wishes, goals, hopes, disappointments, successes, experiences, mishaps, sentimental moments, sad events, big emotions and about the small and large joy in life. Duration: approx. 2 hours

Production pad, Schmitt&Schulz

nonstoponstage - durational performance

nonstoponstage is a durational performance improvisation experiment for two performers, located at the interface between the visual and performing arts. Schmitt & Schulz step onto an empty stage - still without the slightest idea what will happen on it. Everything happens spontaneously, from an interaction with the audience, an impulse or a sudden inspiration: a flow of aesthetic and highly imaginative, performative scenes that varies in tempo and rhythm, but never stops. Duration: 2 - 8 hours

Production pad, Schmitt&Schulz

  • Jan 2019, pad Mainz: About Life (Performance on the subject of midlife crisis / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Aug 2019, „Kunstraum Alte Bürger“, Bremerhaven: peeping pad (Durational performance improvisation in a shop window / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Sept 2018, Kunstraum „Alte Bürger“, Bremerhaven: be-have – walking act version (Walking acts / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Nov 2017, pad Mainz: be-have (Performance on the topic of perception and behavior / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Jan 2017, pad Mainz: Bare Facts – the smile between my lips (Performance on the topic of intimacy and privacy / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Nov 2015, pad Mainz: Higher, faster, further (Ironic mega performance overloed event with 15 different individual projects / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Nov 2014, pad Mainz: The Proformance (High end performance on the topic of humans and technology / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Sept 2014, 100° festival, Berlin + Nov 2013, pad Mainz: Truth or dare (Frivolous performance game as a duel / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Dez 2012, pad Mainz: The end! (7-part infotainment performance series on the subject of the end of the world / Schmitt&Schulz and others)
  • Oct 2012, pad Mainz: Dance without a dancer 2 (Dance performance / Schmitt&Schulz)

Series, regular or recurring formats:

  • Feb 2019, Experimental Action, Houston, Texas: nonstoponstage (4-hour continuous performance improvisation / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Jul 2018, Sommerwerft festival, Frankfurt a.M.: nonstoponstage (4-hour continuous performance improvisation / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Aug 2017, Sprungturm festival, Darmstadt: nonstoponstage (2-hour continuous performance improvisation / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Jun 2017, Night of the museums, Mainz: nonstoponstage (7-hour continuous performance improvisation / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Jun 2014, Night of the museums, Mainz: nonstoponstage unlimited (8-hour continuous performance improvisation / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Jun 2012, Night of the mueseums, Mainz: nonstoponstage 2 (8-hour continuous performance improvisation / Schmitt&Schulz)
  • Feb 2012, Fluxus festival, zeitraumexit, Mannheim: nonstoponstage (6,5-hour continuous performance improvisation / Schmitt&Schulz)


  • Oct 2014 – Sept 2019, pad Mainz: Watch&Eat (4-hour continuous performance improvisation as a regular series / Schmitt&Schulz)