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On 19 April 2023 the time has come: Ms Schmitt is getting rid of her fat!

After almost 35 years of uncontrolled, pathological fat accumulation due to lipedema* on her legs, Nic Schmitt has decided to finally get rid of it.

Werden Sie Teil dieser außergewöhnlichen Kunstaktion und sichern Sie sich ihren Teil von Frau Schmitts Fett!**



Angeboten werden zwei Beutel Körperfett mit je 2,4 Litern Inhalt. Die Beutel können zusammen oder getrennt erworben werden.

Ich freue mich auf Ihr Angebot!

* Lipedema is a fat distribution disorder in which there is an uncontrolled increase in fat, especially on the legs, hips, buttocks and in some cases also on the arms.About 3.8 million people in Germany are affected, almost exclusively women. Conventional therapy, which is covered by health insurance, only alleviates the accompanying symptoms of the disease, such as severe nerve pain. A reduction of the fat is only possible by suctioning out the pathologically changed fat cells. The costs for this are usually not covered by the health insurance companies.

**The fat offered is not intended for human consumption. It is sold without any warranty.