Nic Schmitt (*1976 in Rüsselsheim) lives and works in Mainz since 2006.

She has been developing projects in the field of performing arts since 1996, both as a performer and as a director and producer.

In her artistic work, she combines her interest in individual and social changes with personal and autobiographical topics such as her own "queerness" and the interest in the morbid. In the development of her projects, she mainly uses improvisation with body and language as a creative tool. With courage, humor and a good dose of irony, she searches for meaning in the everyday madness of our reality and likes to challenge one or the other social norm.

Nic Schmitt mostly works in cooperation with other artists, since 2000 she has had a permanent artistic partner with Peter Schulz. The projects she developed under the Schmitt & Schulz label were shown nationwide in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

Together with Peter Schulz, she also founded the performance art depot (pad) in 2007, a stage and production site for contemporary forms of performance and cross-media projects, which they jointly managed until 2020.